What is B.E.R.T. Minstry?

Blackman Emergency Response Team.

BERT was formed in 2010 as members of Blackman United Methodist Church wanted to fill a need in their community during times of disaster.  After several meetings BERT members decided they would minister to their community by delivering lunch sacks to individuals during the clean up and recovery phase of a disaster.

AS BERT grows in numbers, BERT will be able to assist in other capacities during disaster clean up and recovery.  Other ministries could include roof tarping, debris removal, flood muck out, drywall installation, painting, etc, etc.

BERT will work in conjunction with the TN Conference Disaster Relief coordinators and UMCOR.  These coordinators organize and schedule disaster response teams from all over the country when major disasters occur.

Once the disaster team plans were in place…

BERT needed something else to do!  BERT members have taken on the task of completing different missions or service projects throughout the year.

Projects include:  Clothes drive, canned food drive, collection for local animal shelters, helping the elderly in our church and community, partnering with The United Methodist Church in their “Change the World” campaign, hosting blood drive, turkey fry, car wash, chain saw work after storms, pancake breakfasts, and room makeovers!


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Providing a Caring Christian Presence in our Community